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Klarstein Flintstone Steel Smoker - Smoker, Smoking Oven, Power: 1600 Watts, Adjustable Thermostat, Integrated Thermometer, 3 Smokers, Steel Door, Magnetic Lock, Vent, Stainless Steel
  • DELICATE SMOKING SIGNS: When aromatic smoke arises from the Klarstein Flintstone Steel smoker, things will get delicious at home! In the spicy-fine wood, you can smoke meat, fish and sausages as well as tofu or vegetables to delicious perfection.
  • TRADITIONAL SMOKING: Discover the traditional art of smoking. With the Klarstein Flintstone Steel smoking oven, you can bring a special taste to a wide variety of dishes according to your own wishes, delighting friends and family with your creations.
  • BUILT-IN THERMOSTAT: With a 1600-watt electrical heating element and a controllable thermostat at the top of the appliance, the oven brings the aroma wood chips neatly to the smoking point and, at the same time, cooks the smoked meat to perfection.
  • AMPLE SPACE: Three chromed grates in the smoking oven, each measuring 40 x 25 cm, offer plenty of space for smoking bacon sides, tofu slabs or even your own sausage creations, while three hooks provide additional space for hanging sausages or ham.
  • Please be advised that this device comes with a licensed EU to UK converter plug attached. Therefore, we will open the package and pre-install it for your convenience prior to shipping.
Klarstein GrowIt Nutri Kit 60 - Macro and Micronutrient Solution, Nutrient Solution for Abundant Plant Growth, 2 Components, Developed for The 'GrowIt' Smart Indoor Garden Systems, 2 x 60 ml
  • ABUNDANT GROWTH: The Klarstein GrowIt Nutri Kit 60 nutrient solution for the GrowIt Smart Indoor Garden Planting Systems contains the ideal combination of nutrients, and is developed especially for Klarstein to support your hydroponic garden.
  • NUTRIENTS: One bottle each containing 60 ml of macro and micronutrients supplies your Klarstein smart hydroponic garden with rich elements it needs in order to support plant growth such as iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and much more.
  • USAGE: The nutrient solution is suitable for use with the 'GrowIt' Smart Indoor Garden Systems. Please note that the bottle imprint is the filling date of the bottle. The nutrient solution can be used for at least 3 years from this imprint date.
Klarstein Micro-Q 3131 Charcoal Grill - Portable Grill, Camping Barbecue, Rectangular Shape, 42 x 23 cm Grill Grid, Battery Operated, Reduced Smoke, Carrying Handles, Carrying Case, Black
  • TRANSPORTABLE GRILL: The ideal grilling solution for on the go: the Klarstein Micro-Q 3131 charcoal grill is the portable grill station for every occasion! Get into the adventure: the Klarstein Micro-Q 3131 charcoal grill is the grill to go!
  • COMFORTABLE: The charcoal grill redefines barbecue standards with an extra-large grill grate, comfortable operation, fast assembly and disassembly and unbeatable mobility. Whether in the garden or in the urban jungle, it is truly a grill master.
  • SMOKE REDUCTION: For the perfect smoke-reduced grilling enjoyment, a removable fuel box of the Klarstein Micro-Q 3131 is first filled with charcoal, which then can be ignited with the help of a battery-powered fan box in the blink of an eye.
  • HEAT DISTRIBUTION: The 42 x 23 cm stainless steel grill grate of the grill distributes the resulting heat to the entire grilling surface, transforming meat, sausages and grilled vegetables into deliciously juicy grilled specialties in no time at all.
  • SMART DESIGN: Excess fat runs through an opening into the removable drip tray. In addition, it accompanies you in its tear-proof carrying bag quite easily to any location and can be moved using the practical carrying handles, even while grilling.
Klarstein Tomahawk 3.0 T - Gas Grill, 3 x 3.2 kW Burner, 53x39cm Grill, Stainless Steel, Uniform heat distribution, Thermometer, Includes gas hose, Robust, Rollers, Black
  • 3.0 T-System: triple burner gas grill with space-saving hinged side tables made of stainless steel | Versatile grilling: infinitely variable heat & double-walled stainless steel hood for direct and indirect grilling | InstantReady Concept: immediately ready -to-start gas grill including pressure reducer and gas hose
  • Mobile and stable: 2 large and 2 small steering wheels with built-in parking brakes ensure high mobility | Uniform heat distribution: strong and enameled grill with 53 x 39 cm surface
  • Ready to use: includes pressure reducer and hose (gas cylinder not included) | Display range thermometer: 38 to 430 ° C / 100 to 800 ° F | Ergonomic grilling thanks to ideal working height of approx. 85 cm
  • Bringing on barbecue season! With 3 burners, the Klarstein Tomahawk 3.0 T gas grill promises meat and grilled vegetables of the highest quality. Thanks to its large grill area, a powerful heat performance and the elegant design, preparing food becomes a pure pleasure.
  • No more annoying coal dust or complicated ignition: thanks to the SNAP-JET Ignition System with integrated piezo ignition, the 3 burners can be started easily and instantaneously at the touch of a button. The grill is built in the InstantReady Concept and is therefore immediately ready for use thanks to the supplied pressure reducer and gas hose. All 3 burners provide 3.2 kW heating power for grill heat under the enameled grill grate.
Klarstein Sauenland Pro suckling pig grill - spit - electric motor 15W - height adjustable - 4 grill grids - windscreen - CrystalSteel Concept - 4 castors - 2 brakes - stainless steel
  • STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Klarstein's Sauenland Pro is a suckling pig grill that makes the dreams of rustic connoisseurs come true. A stable stainless steel construction according to CrystalSteel Concept determines the external appearance of the grill.
  • INTEGRATED ROLLS: Thanks to four rollers with two integrated brakes, the opulent grill can be transported very easily despite its quality weight and high stability: for example from the garage to the garden or from the tool shed to the terrace.
  • HIGH-VALUE STAINLESS STEEL: The biggest eye-catcher of the grill is certainly the well-dimensioned stainless steel grill skewer: delicious roasts can be skewered here just as easily as chicken or other barbecue food.
  • MOTOR OPERATIONS: The stainless steel skewer of the suckling pig grill is driven by a supplied motor: a constant rotation ensures an even cooking process and perfect juicy meat enjoyment.
  • BBQ-GRILL: The grill tub holds enough coal to supply the necessary heat for a long time. Thanks to the four grill grills, there is also a generous grill surface, which makes the grill the perfect partner for traditional BBQ events.
Klarstein Flintstone Electric Smoker Deluxe Edition - Oven Heater, 4 Grates of 40x30cm, Temperature Range 37-136 °, 650W, Viewing Window, Stainless Steel Grate, Black
  • SMOKED DELIGHTS: Enjoy the best smoked flavour of your favourite meat, sausage or fish in a convenient and simple way at home with the ingenious Klarstein Flinstone electric smoker.
  • VISIBLE KITCHEN: Through its visible 24 x 44 cm window you will enjoy watching your favourite foods being prepared without letting heat or smoke escape. The Klarstein Flinstone has 4 grills and a drip tray that are easy to wash.
  • ADJUSTABLE POWER: With a 650 Watt power rating the Klarstein Flinstone Smoker Oven can be adjusted from 37 to 136 degrees C to delight even the most discerning diner with a special smoky flavor of your favorite foods.
  • SIMPLICITY: You can control the functions of the Klarstein Flintstone easily through its flip-top control panel, adjusting temperature and smoking time to achieve the best smoked flavour.
  • Please be advised that this device comes with a licensed EU to UK converter plug attached. Therefore, we will open the package and pre-install it for your convenience prior to shipping.
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