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sun zone®Barbecue Cleaning T-brush Barbecue Brushes Stainless Steel Grill Brush BBQ Brush details:

  • Crafted with stainless steel and a high quality plastic handle,the grill brush is durable and will be your long-lasting companion
  • High quality Stainless steel handle, easy to use,It is the ideal companion for your outdoor grill.
  • With unique design,the grill brush is perfectly angled to clean each and every spot Comfortable oval shaped handle
  • Universal barbecue grill brush that can be used with any type of grill,such as multiple gas grill, charcoal grill, smoker grill, porcelain grill, infrared grill
  • Cleaning BBQ grill easily with the power of steam without harmful chemical solutions,Convenient and practical, good quality, high quality stainless steel.
Color: Grey Material: ABS + steel Size: 35 * 9.5 * 7cm Features: Barbecue grill brush brush steam type with a new ABS + steel material, durable copper wire sweeping, cleaning quickly for a variety of grill Packing Detail: 1 * BBQ Brush.
As a keen BBQ fan I have had the all to similar problem of not getting my grill properly clean.

After years trying to wash the grill in the sink, with a hose, using tin foil I have finally found a gadget that does the job really easily

On opening the box you soon realise this is a very weird looking gadget, however once you inspect it you realise how useful and inventive it is. The scrubbing pads are very robust and will be able to take a real battering.

The idea is to fill the unit with water and when your grill is still hot, turn the tap and it starts to steam as you brush. It actually works!!!!

On my first try I did turn the tap on too much but on my second go I managed to completely clean my old grill in 2 minutes and it is now like brand new.

If you like a clean BBQ and you need to save time and get the job done perfectly then this is the tool for you. I am hugely impressed with this and I'm sure some of my freinds will want one after my next BBQ

I received this item at a discount in order to give a fair, honest and unbiased review

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