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Callow Retail Outdoor Smoker Oven - Outdoor fish Smoker
  • Perfect Fish Smoker for Outdoor Smoking
  • Also Ideal For camping, Fishing or even picnics too
  • Adjustable Valve / Regulator in Lid
  • 2 Burners for quick heating
  • 2 large cooking levels - Very easy and effective results
femor 3-in-1 Charcoal Smoker grill, BBQ stove with thermometer hook adjustable air vent, 3 grates and 2 doors, large capacity, for smoking, outdoor grilling and cooking, 80 x 44.5 x 44.5 cm 16 inches
  • Multifunction: 3-in-1 multi-function charcoal grill, single-layer can be used for grilling, smoking and heating, double-layer can be used as a grill and smoked. As a smoker for grilling, smoking and cooking, our product can meet your different needs. In winter, it can also be used as a heater to warm your family.
  • Large capacity: double-layer grill grid, double-enamel baking tray, larger capacity, can meet the needs of many people at the same time, saves carbon, grills fast. With 2 x 37 cm steel grilles and 1 x 25 cm carbon grill in the smoking barrel, you can prepare meat, fish, chicken and sausage without worry.
  • Temperature control: Equipped with a thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature inside the oven. With the adjustable air vent on the lid and thermometers, you can precisely control the cooking temperature while adjusting the firepower. Through the small door, which can be switched, you can watch the state of food at any time and anytime refill coal.
  • Easy and safe to use: Easy to install and dismantle, suitable for beginners, for home, outdoor and party use, two-door design, makes adding and taking easy. The high-quality grille made of 304 stainless steel ensures the safety of grilled food. The enamel coal pot can be used stably. The smoker with handle is easy to carry.
  • Longevity and Warranty: Because of its iron structure, it's durable, vertical design saves space, offers more capacity. Our brand Femor deserves your trust. If you buy now, you will receive a lifetime warranty. If you have a problem with the product, contact us by mail. We will give you the satisfactory proposal.
Digital Electric Smoker for Kitchen and Outdoor use, 500W with Hot or Cold Smoke
  • Electric Food Smoker - Hot smoke, Cold smoke or a combination
  • Digital Smoke Control - Quicker than established smoking methods
  • Huge capacity, 9.5 litres
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Audible alarm when smoking/cooking complete
Deuba BBQ Smoker Upright Barrel Black Charcoal 3 in 1 Barbecue Grill Round Garden Outdoor Patio Camping Chromed Steel
  • Extremely practical: With our BBQ Smoker you can either smoke, barbecue or cook. Easily adjust the temperature with the ventilation slide at the flue. Our smoker also comes with a thermometer so can see the exact temperature. Open the bottom door for firing. You can also watch your food through the opening in the middle of the smoker.
  • Safe and Simple: The round BBQ smoker comes with a chromed grillage and ash grate. Easily move it around your garden thanks to its 2 large convenient handles. So you can reposition the smoker without burning yourself or slipping off. The long flue on top ensures good air circulation. Easily regulate the smoke outlet through the integrated vent slide by your own need.
  • Multifunctional: Use the water pan to barbecue indirectly. The pan also keeps your meat, fish and chicken more moist to make your food delicious. Two large conveniently placed handles.
  • Easy to use: The smoker comes with two convenient side openings so you can easily put your food and charcoals inside. It also has an in-built thermometer and multiple vents. This allows you to control temperature with ease.
  • Charcoals and briquettes are ideally suitable for this round BBQ smoker. It has the perfect size so you can easily carry it around for gatherings and BBQ parties. No matter whether beef briskets, spare ribs, leg of lamb or even a whole chicken or turkey you'll master the art of true barbecue before you know it.
Azuma Smoker Barbecue Black Barrel BBQ Outdoor Charcoal Grill
  • Steel smoker barrel barbecue suitable for charcoal and wood
  • Use for smoking or grilling food
  • Temperature gauge and chimney with vent on the lid to control smoke
  • Large barrel and offset firebox to grill and smoke food separately
  • Wooden handles and 2 wheels for easy moving
Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe's® Highland Smoker, Black Finish.
  • Convenient Access Door - easily stoke or add wood to prolong cooking.
  • Smoke Stack - a vertical pipe with adjustable dampers, regulates heat and smoke by drawing it through the cooking chamber.
  • Cool Touch Handle - Get a firm grip on your grill lid, while protecting your hands and fingers from the heat.
  • Multiple Dampers - for heat and smoke control.
  • Lid-Mounted Temperature Gauge - monitor the inside temperature of the chamber.
  • Damper - control the grill temperature by opening and closing the dampers.
  • Cart Wheels - Easily move your grill around your backyard or patio.
  • 2 Years Warranty - all parts including the burners.
KCT 3 in 1 BBQ Upright Outdoor Smoker Barbecue
  • Ideal for smoking, grill and roasting
  • Charcoal and steam controlled cooking
  • 2 Layers for grill cooking Hanging section in lid for smoking Fish or bacon
  • 2 front doors that act as air vents
  • Top located Temperature Gauge Air dumper valve in lid to help control air flow and temperature
Tepro 1087 Biloxi Offset BBQ Pit Barrel Smoker - Black
  • Generous sized grill with warming rack
  • Enamel cooking grids
  • Trolley mounted, with large steel wheels
  • Heat resistant finish to a max. 350°C
  • 1mm thick steel - Built in thermometer
ProQ ® Cold Smoke Generator - BBQ Smoker Accessory for Cold Smoking
  • ✔ High Quality - Our high grade stainless steel mesh maze is the perfect gadget for almost any barbecue or grill with a lid including Weber Kettle, Smokey Mountain Bullet Smokers, UDS, Offset, Thuros Table Top, Traeger, Napoleon, ProQ Smokers, Brinkmann Smoke n Grill, Bradley Ceramic grills like Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg, and most cabinets including our cardboard Eco Smoker.
  • ✔ Well Tested - Including a full 1 year warrantee and released in 2009 our smoker is a tried and tested design, appearing on TV programs including Channel 4's Gadget Man, Great British Menu, Masterchef. Used on curing and smoking courses nationwide including River Cottage, Smoky Jo, Turan T Turan, School of Artisan Food and Taste the Wild to teach how to make smoked salmon, smoked bacon and more!
  • ✔ The Perfect Gift - Fantastic for fishermen, foodies, hunters, chefs and barbecue pitmasters, this product opens doors to new ways of preparing produce like curing and adding new flavours to dishes from the variety of wood dust types available in our range, including Whisky Oak, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Alder, Beech and Oak (Oak included). Full instructions are included.
  • ✔ Small but Powerful - This product requires no charcoal, electric element or gas! The Original Cold Smoke Generator measures 150 x 180 x 40mm (W x L x H), weighs 370g and is effective in containers from just 30 litres up to 150 litres, lasting much longer than tube and pellet smokers. If you have a larger container, consider the ProQ Artisan CSG instead.
  • ✔ Original Patented Design - The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator uses real wood to produce cool smoke for up to 10 hours (ProQ Oak Dust included). Simply fill the maze with smoking wood dust, light your tealight and insert it into the candle holder until your dust begins to smoulder. Remove the candle and insert the smoker into your smoking chamber. Perfect gadget for use in the garden at home to add smokey flavours to fish, meats, salmon, bacon, cheese, butter salt, herbs, spices, nuts and veg!
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