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Shish Kabob Grilling Rack with 6x37cm Skewers (BBQ Accessories) - Barbecue Stainless Steel Non-Stick Flat, Wide Kebab Skewers - Includes 2 Kebab details:

  • GRILL TO PERFECTION - Elevate your kebab skewers above the grilling surface to prevent the kebabs from sticking to the grill and burning or falling apart. The kabab racks are designed to fit on any size grille. Length: 14.6", Width: 10.6", Height: 3.9". Ideal as Weber bbq accessories
  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL - Forged from durable, thick stainless steel, this set boasts both quality and style. Rest assured that any meal you serve at your house, or while camping, is cooked on high-grade stainless steel, NOT powder coated or chrome plated knock-offs. Ideal for chicken, steak, shrimp, vegetables, beef, lobster, crab, and any other form of meat
  • 6 STAINLESS STEEL FLAT SKEWERS - The set includes six 14.5" flat, sturdy extra wide bbq skewers. Even wet vegetables like mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes won't slip or spin as they do on thin conventional kebab skewers. The cleverly designed notches in the kebob sets allow the skewers to be rotated, cooking your food quickly and evenly
  • SOLID DURABLE RACK - Transport all of the kebab skewers to and from your BBQ or oven while on the rack. All the parts are high quality food grade stainless steel and dishwasher safe. The bbq kebab rack's design allows for complete and easy rotation of the kebab skewers so food cooks evenly on all sides. And the notches in the rack hold the bbq skewers steady without slipping or spinning
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Made with superior quality materials. We stand behind our products 100%, and offer a free upgrade to a lifetime limited warranty
Kabobs are great for the grill, with endless possibilities to fulfil anyone's palate. They are a staple of any barbecue experience, tailgate party, or camping trip. Nothing says summer like fresh, colourful kebabs sizzling on the grill, right? In North America and European countries, grills have grates. However, in much of the world, grilling is done on flat skewers over a grate-less grill. This bbq kebab rack is especially useful when grilling delicate foods that are prone to stick to a grill grate, such as ground meat kebabs or fish. The IHL Kabob Rack raises the skewer and kabob above the grate, enabling grate-less grilling on a conventional grill. IHL 6-Piece Skewer and Stainless Steel Grill Rack is designed to cook delicate foods that may stick to conventional grill grates or burn over high heat. The versatility and high functionality of the skewer makes it a perfect addition to your BBQ accessories (Weber BBQ accessories). This Skewer and Grill Rack Set offers various features that make grilling kebabs effortless and efficient. The stainless steel skewers boast a flat, wide shape, which holds them securely in place without turning or spinning once placed on the rack. The sturdy rack is equipped with notches that hold the skewers securely in place. The rack is constructed of durable stainless steel that is safe for use on any type of oven or grill...charcoal, gas, or electric. All components in this set are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The IHL 6-Piece Skewer and Stainless Steel Kebab Rack is manufactured using the highest-quality, food-grade materials that withstand heavy-duty use. We pride ourselves in supplying the most durable and long-lasting BBQ accessories on the market. Which is why we offer a lifetime warranty as a complimentary upgrade.
Brand Inspired Home Living
Model NumberIHLBKR6CH
ColourStainless Steel
Item Weight299 g
Product Dimensions37 x 10 x 27 cm
When not using a barbecue I cook kebabs in a hot oven instead.I place the skewers side by side across a roasting tin.This works OK,but the skewers often fall off the sides and into the pan.Also,myskewers are a bit narrow so the meat and veg tend to rotate so the same part is getting cooked all the time.
This rack solves all the problems.The skewers are longer and wider than mine so the food stays put when you turn it.The cutouts in the sides are designed to support the skewers,enabling them to be turned through 90degrees and to remain there.
My intention was to stand the loaded rack in a large roasting tin,which would catch all the juices etc. that comes off while cooking.I measured my roasting tin and found it was bigger than the stated dimensions of the rack,so went ahead and ordered.When the rack arrived I realised that I hadn't taken account of the curved internal corners of the roasting tin,so the square corners of the rack were sitting on top of the tin's corners,and the rack wouldn't drop into the tray.
After much searching I discovered that Ikea sell a large roasting tin,which has squarer corners than mine.My rack now fits neatly in the Ikea roasting tin,raised up from the bottom on the wire rack that came with the tin.
I now make longer kebabs than I previously could,evenly cooked all round,with all the juices caught in the easily-cleaned stainless steel Ikea roasting tin.A fine result!
I got this to use indoors in the kitchen, really I was just after some skewers to fit in a normal oven but with a wide enough flat surface to stop the food swivelling around when you turned them over. The skewers are perfect for use indoors where normal BBQ or flat kebab skewers are just too long and unwieldy but where your average kitchen skewer is a bit to short and fiddly and too narrow to hold food securely or form a meat kebab.

In fact the entire rack fits comfortably in a normal domestic oven* and even sits in the slot-in 'grill tray/shelf' supplied with the oven (I take out the grill rack and sit the kebab rack in the tray). The hooked skewer ends are big enough to grab and turn in the oven and the slotting system in the rack makes it easy to position the skewers and keep them in place while leaving the food clear of any excess basting oil or dripping fat - I've used the skewers happily both with and without the rack.

It's a shame the rack doesn't fold down but I have found it does in fit in a standard kitchen base unit and I store it stacked with other oven bakeware and keep the skewers separate when not in use.

It's great if you have no outdoor area but like to make oven baked adana or vegetable kebabs etc, there are two of us and it is a perfect fit with the rack for four adana kebabs and a couple of vegetable skewers plus room in the oven to include a tray of oven fries on a shelf above.

*doublecheck your oven dimensions if intending to use indoors
Shish Kebab Grilling Rack with 6x37cm Skewers - Barbecue (BBQ) Stainless Steel Non-Stick Flat Wide Kabob Skewers

Review from Jeannie’s Reviews on wordpress.com

Useful gadget if like me you never remember to put your BBQ away...then go to use it and the grill is covered in rust and grot!! However much you scrub and tell yourself the fire will sterilise the residue left on it never comes quite clean does it? this way you can lift off the rack and clean easily, in dishwasher if you’ve got one, in sink if like me you haven’t :-(

The rack is very stable and simply sits on top of the grill. Its easy to sit the skewers on to it. The kebab skewers are flat, so much better than round ones as the meat/fish balls don’t slide round when you turn them and so its easier to get even cooking. If you’ve large items, big steaks, chicks of lamb or pork  you can threw two skewers through parallel and then its child's play to turn instead of faffing about trying to hold them steady while turning. They’re decent length too and fit in two ways in the rack making BBQing well so much easier. Now all we need is some decent hot weather!

Stars: Five, excellent value set for summer BBQs..

Product supplied for honest review.

All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly. 
• Note: The supplier kindly sent me a review sample for evaluation, the opinions expressed here are entirely my own •

This set of 6 stainless steel skewers and grilling rack arrived in a firm box that had the manufacturers details printed on the box. Inside the box were all the items neatly packaged amongst styrofoam and wrapped in plastic. The skewers are flat and not rounded like usual kebab skewers and are also much nicer than the wooden equivalent I usually use.

I made a barbeque today and tried out the grilling rack, the vegetable kebabs came out great. I used corn, courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes, pepper and onions. This was so much easier and more convenient and it was simple to push the corn through the flat skewers. The one thing I would mention is that for using the rack and skewers on the fire you would need to use silicone rubber gloves to prevent burning yourself. The grill rack has grooves on either side for the sticks to lie on and one side is curved for turning.

This of course could also be used in the oven. The side handles make it convenient for lifting it on and off the fire or placing in and out of the oven.
The dimensions are 37 x 10 x 27 cm and they are dishwasher safe.

I will be getting plenty of use out of this and next time I would like to try it with sausages or marshmallows. I think £14.95 seems a very reasonable price for something that is so convenient and easy to use.

This item comes with a lifetime warranty.

I have added photographs for your convenience.
If you love barbecues and grilling your meat then this is the device you have been waiting for.
The six skewers let you cook kebabs like the professionals do.
Thanks to the design the kebabs are kept at the right height above the heat allowing you to really control the grilling conditions and results.
There is non of the picking the kebab up only to find certain parts are still stuck to the surface or are cremated..
The skewers are the flat type- easy to pierce the meat, fish, shrimp, pepper, mushroom or what ever (Banana and fruit?) but they are so easy to rotate so that the item gets an even cook and grill.

The stainless steel is robust and hardwearing.
With a good clean they will come up bright time after time.
You can even chuck them in the dishwasher.

In fact the design of the device is great.
You can assemble all the kebabs on the tray then bring it out to the chef outside to place on the Barbie (then retire inside to that open bottle of wine and relax no doubt?)

With a bit of care this device will last and last.

Totally recommended.

Note I was provided with my rack by the suppliers.

All they asked for was a fair review.

Thanks for reading.
This is such a simple, yet clever idea. For anyone who has tried to turn a skewer on a barbecue only to find that the heat has welded the food onto the bars, this product is an essential!

The rack itself is sturdy and feels like it is really good quality. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so it is built to last. The skewers are also good quality and are flat, so the food doesn’t spin when you turn them.

Being metal, the skewers stay hot for a while after removing from the grill, but on the plus side at least you don’t have to soak them before use. They are quite a bit longer than I’m used to – longer than a dinner plate. I found the best thing to do was to slide the food off the skewer onto the plate, rather than serving it on the stick as I would with wooden skewers.

I tried this under the grill in my oven and it worked well that way too. I also found it cleaned up really well after use. I would definitely recommend.

*I was sent this product free of charge in return for this review. As you will see from my previous reviews, I am honest and not afraid to say when I don’t like something.
When I first saw these skewers I was intrigued, as they are so much more convenient to use than what I am used to. A solid metal rack holds all six skewers nicely in place and allows for the meat and vegetables on them to cook evenly.

The skewers are flat which stops any vegetables from slipping off them, and I found this really useful when cooking in a rush.

The way that the rack works is also great for barbecues as it elevates the food slightly and stops it from burning. This made for a much more enjoyable barbecue with really good kebabs.

I think the price here is really good. For just under £15 you get a sturdy rack and some decent skewers. I also cannot stress how important the warranty of such a product is. This comes with a lifetime warranty, which is really handy. But more importantly, it just shows how much the manufacturer stands behind their product.

All in all I was really impressed with these and I would definitely recommend them. I cannot really fault them in any way so 5 stars here.

I was kindly sent these skewers for free by the manufacturer in exchange for my honest review.
The Shish Kebab grilling rack is the ideal way to cook kebabs, and protect the food from becoming over done and falling off of the skewers (which is what has happened to me in the past). The grilling rack is made from high quality stainless steel, and to a good standard. The design is perfect for the job it is intended for. I have used bamboo skewers in the past, and must say, I can see why kebab shops use the stainless steel versions, as they are more durable, and of course, reusable. As I love barbecues, the rack will get much use this summer, thanks to the seller for providing the set at a discount in exchange for my honest review (I did not know such racks existed before).
I purchased these over seven months ago now and I'm still very happy with the product.
In fact it was a great little buy.
I used them constantly on the BBQ and now in the oven as it's winter so it's an all year product.
Easy to clean and I was incredibly impressed with the after care from the company.
Very happy and would readily recommend.
Gone are the days of cooking my fingers when turning skewers and losing bits off the end, this fine unit puts the fun back in the cooking although I will miss being able to snack on the pieces that used to fall off. The design also makes it easy to move the skewers to the table so that people can help themselves

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