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Tigerbox® 50L Alderline Alder Wood Pure 100% Natural Lumpwood Smokeless Restaurant Grade Charcoal For BBQ's Barbecues & Safety Matches
  • Alder Wood Pure Charcoal is an ecologically produced, 100% natural lump-wood charcoal. Its produced from white alder; a sustainable source grown in European forests. With its low humidity content, Alder Wood Pure Charcoal ignites quickly and is easy to use - no lighter fluid is needed, simply start the fire by lighting a piece of paper!
  • Due to its specialised production, where the charcoal is heated evenly throughout, together with its larger size (charcoal pieces ranging from 5 -12+ cm), Alderline Wood Pure Charcoal provides an even burning temperature throughout cooking. Alder Wood Pure Charcoal is completely purified during its production and therefore doesn't create smoke or pollution whilst burning. The charcoal contains no tar or toxins and is completely natural.
  • Alderline Pure Wood Charcoal is a very clean product, who else would dare put charcoal in such a light coloured bag? Even right down to its 3-layer packaging featuring a middle film to ensure the charcoal doesn't get wet, Alderline Wood Pure Charcoal ensures a high-quality product at all times. This charcoal is restaurant quality. Alderline will not spit, provides an even cooking temperature for longer and is ready to use in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Most charcoal is sold in kilograms, however this charcoal is so much lighter than its competitors, due to its incredibly low moisture content, that the weight of the bag almost becomes irrelevant. Whilst these bags average 6-7 kilos, the volume is equivalent to many other brands 12 kilo bags. The extremely low moisture content is the reason it is so light and also the reason this charcoal is so very easy to ignite.
  • You will also find that unlike most other brands of charcoal, where you will find lots of dust and smaller unusable pieces at the bottom of the bag (also adding to the weight) - Alderline Wood Pure Charcoal's weight is based almost purely on usable charcoal pieces. You will find very little waste. Produced by an FSC and REACH certified company!
The Green Olive Firewood 8kg Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal, Natural, 8kge
  • Longburn Lump wood restaurant grade quality charcoal
  • An intense heat is produced for best cooking results
  • Made purely from dense hardwood.
  • For use on charcoal BBQ's and outdoor grills
  • Traditional BBQ flavours
Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal10kg Box Perfect For Charcoal BBQ's, Large Chunks For Longer Burning Barbecues
  • ✅10kg Box of Restaurant Grade Charcoal, larger pieces of hardwood charcoal, Perfect for use in Tandoori and Turkish BBQ ovens due to the longer burning times than standard charcoals.
  • ✅Burns at a consistent hot temperature for longer periods due to the size of the charcoal pieces.
  • ✅Smoke Exempt - Less Smoke and spitting than other charcoal!
  • ✅Perfect for professional caterers or home BBQ's.
  • ✅Packed in a box for easy storage and transportation. There is no longer a plastic liner inside as we want to be the only charcoal provider who doesnt have a plastic liner as this is good for the environment.
Eco Blaze Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal - 1x 4Kg - Large Fragment Charcoal For BBQ's, Portable Barbecues, Smokers & More
  • ✅ Large fragment sizes, to ensure high and consistent cooking temperatures
  • ✅ Charcoal ready for cooking after 10 - 20 minutes
  • ✅ Minimal smoke, producing flavoursome results with authentic barbecue flavours
  • ✅ Produced from responsibly managed plantations in Ghana and Sierra Leone. Strong social, economic and environmental development programmes have supported the local communities, bringing long term employment and benefits in education, housing and healthcare. By purchasing this product you are supporting these programmes and enabling these communities to thrive
Big K Chilla-Grilla Restaurant Grade Charcoal, 12kg Bag Lumpwood Charcoal
  • 100% natural restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal
  • Easy to light, ready to cook within 30 minutes with up to 2 hours cooking time
  • Ideal for home bbqers looking for superior grilling
  • High heat output
  • Source sustainabily from an invasive bush in Namibia
30kg of Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal BBQ Barbecues Oven Grill Grills - Comes with The Log Hut Woven Sack.
  • Restaurant Charcoal is Large pieces if hardwood charcoal produced form Lumpwood, which is often used in Tandoori and Turkish BBQ ovens as they burn at a consistent hot temperature.
  • Longer lasting due to the size of the charcoal pieces.
  • Also ideal for catering, hog roasts, large BBQs, open ovens and stoves, pizza ovens etc.
  • They produce less smoke, no sparks and no spitting.
  • Comes with THE LOG HUT White Woven Sack, ideal to store wood, logs, kindling etc.
CPL Instant Light Lumpwood Charcoal, 850 g, 2-Piece
  • Quick and easy to light
  • Good heat output
  • Rakes and tumbles well
  • Great for starting the BBQ
  • Easy to store
Supagrill 5KG Bag of High Quality Lumpwood Charcoal For BBQs
  • Supagrill Lumpwood Charcoal 5kg
  • Long brning Lumpwood Charcoal
  • Helps to give your food that traditional barbeque taste
  • Easy to Light
  • Good heat output
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