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  • Colour: black
  • Size: height approx. 27.5 cm
The Charcoal Chimney from Landmann is a clever idea for getting your BBQ ready without the usual lighting problems. Simply place the Charcoal Chimney on a heatproof outdoor surface. Put some newspaper or firelighters under the chimney and fill the top with your charcoal. Light the paper and wait for the charcoal to burn. Once the charcoal has reached your desired temperature simply pour the coals back onto the BBQ and start cooking immediately. This has proved much quicker than normal methods of lighting.
Cheaper than the Weber chimney starter and just as effective. I've been lighting all my coals with a single fire lighter, and after about 15 minutes they are perfect. It seems to light bbq briquettes a bit more evenly than lumpwood, but I guess that is because the briquettes are a more uniform size. That is no criticism of this product though; i does exactly what it says it will do.
The handle is guarded by a heat shield, so it's difficult to burn your fingers on it. I would still recommend wearing gloves when handling hot metal tho.
It's just brilliant at lighting briquettes which means you don't have to use toxic firelighters or self-lighting ones. It has rusted a bit but that doesn't really affect the performance. Clearly with something like this you do have to engage your common sense. Tipping the hot charcoal out in a high wind without shoes on isn't something I'd recommend
Used twice this weekend perfect results both times. Just use a couple of bits of newspaper and a match wait 20 mins and you will have perfectly lit charcoal

I'd budget for some decent heat resisting gloves for pouring the hot charcoal out
Great tool to get the charcoal fired up and the BBQ cooking in a very short time
What to say about this huge invent, it is awsom
Worked really well very happy with the product

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