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Hickory BBQ Smoking Wood Chips
  • Natural Untreated Hickory Wood Chips
  • 1.2 Litre re-usable Sealed Container
  • Perfect Size for BBQ
Callow Retail Large 3 Litre BBQ Smoking Wood Chips, For BBQ and BBQ Smokers (Hickory)
  • Contains approximately 3 Litres of Hickory BBQ Wood Chips
  • Re-Usable 3 Litre Plastic Tub With Lid
  • Great Value, Certified Chemical and additive Free - Can be used in Commercial Smoking / Cooking
  • All Natural Wood PEFC quality and HACCP certified
  • Soak Chips for longer Cooking and Less Smoke or Use Dry for more intense flavour
ROSMARINO Smoking Wood Chips Apple | 25 Amazing BBQ Recipes eBook Included | 100% Natural Wood Chips with Mild & Subtle Sweet Aroma (1 Package, Apple)
  • 🍎 Apple smoking wood chips have a very delicate aroma with a subtle sweet and fruity taste. This smoked wood is ideal for poultry, beef and pork (especially ham), game birds, lamb and some seafood.
  • ✅ 100% NATURAL TREEWOOD: Rosmarino smoking chips are made from the highest quality and natural tree wood. No chemicals, additional flavours or preservatives are added during processing.
  • ✅ 100% CHEMICAL & CONSERVATIVES FREE: No chemicals, additional flavours or preservatives are added during processing. You can be completely relaxed while smoking your meat!
  • ✅ eBook WITH 25 GRILL RECIPES INCLUDED: With every pack you get a free eBook with 25 amazing grill recipes and detailed smoking instructions.
  • 👨‍🍳 Dip the smoking chips in Bourbon or red wine for a rich and really divine taste! 😉
Charcoal Companion Hickory Cooking and Smoking Wood Chunks, Brown, 10.16 x 24.77 x 41.91 cm
  • Hickory smoked flavor works great with beef or chicken
  • Great for charcoal grills or smoker boxes on gas grills
  • Natural flavour with no additives
  • Contains 6 pounds of wood chips
Pro Smoke 1.5 Litre Apple and Hickory Premium Blend BBQ Wood Chips
  • 1.5 Litre sealed bag of Apple and Hickory Chips - Sample pack, but enough to fill most smoker boxes twice or homemade tin foil pouches multiple times
  • Extremely clean and mould free chips
  • Classic American wood, perfect for smoking all meat types
  • No additives
  • 100% Organic and sustainably sourced chips
BBQ Smoking Oak Wood Chunks
  • Natural, untreated - 100% British Wood, nothing added
  • Large 25 litre box of Wood Chunks / 6 - 9kg (depending on species)
  • Great for use on the grill, smoker, Kamado style or kettle BBQ
  • Oak wood smoke - rich, full flavour. Good for sausages, beef, lamb, seafood and vegetables
  • Post coded wood - know exactly where in the UK your wood is coming from!
Charcoal Companion Hickory Wood Smoking Chips for BBQ
  • Adding wood chips and chunks to the grill boosts the flavour of any grilled food
  • On charcoal grills wood chips can be used directly on the hot coals
  • Wood chunks can even be used instead of coals
  • On gas grills add smoky flavour with the use of a smoker box for smoking wood chips
  • Hickory is a classic in smoking
Hickory Wood Flavour Wood Chips For Polyscience Smoking Gun (500ml)
  • These Hickory Wood chips are made especially for use in The (No Suggestions) Smoking Gun but can be used in all others leading brands also
  • entirely chemical-free
  • Ground to the perfect consistency for smoking, they smoulder slowly and gently when ignited, so they last a long time
  • great with barbecues too - sprinkle a few over the coals before or near the end of cooking to add a delicious aroma to any food
  • Hickory is robust with a strong bacon-like flavour, and is the most popular smoking wood in the USA. It's great with ribs, pork, brisket and anything with a barbecue sauce
3 Litre BBQ Smoking British Wood Chips (Apple)
  • Natural, untreated - 100% British Wood, nothing added
  • Large 3 litre resealable tub - Great value for money
  • Great for use on the grill, smoker, Kamado style or kettle BBQ
  • Apple wood smoke - slightly sweet, fruity smoke flavour that is great for poultry, game birds and pork (especially ham)
  • Post coded wood - know exactly where in the UK your wood is coming from!
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Hickory BBQ Smoking Wood Chips details:

  • Natural Untreated Hickory Wood Chips
  • 1.2 Litre re-usable Sealed Container
  • Perfect Size for BBQ
Simply Soak these hickory Chips in water or your favourite drink such as wine, whisky, beer or juice for around 1 hour - then throw onto a charcoal BBQ for the perfect grilled flavour. If you have a lid on your BBQ - close the lid and slow smoke over the chips, perfect for chicken or Beef. Bacon or gammon is very good too! These are not suitable chips for the stovetop smoker such as a cameron smoker. Some settling occurs during transit - the chips may be slight less than 1.2 litres.
I never BBQ with out them now and this reminds me I need to order some more perfect for adding a really nice smokey taste to your BBQ food can highly recommend
suitably heated in anaerobic conditions, produces longlasting amounts of hickory smoke for cold smoking fish, meat, and for giving homegrown tobacco a smokey flavour. Recommended for all the above endeavours and , I am sure, many others.
My smoker came with Chios which weren't great, these worked so much better, gave my ribs the authentic hickory taste I was expecting. A definite success, no problem recommending these. They came in a big resealable tub with chips of wood and no sawdust.
Was sceptical at the price, and the tub didn't seem big to my untutored eyes.
But it's fine - I'm only halfway through and I chuck a lot on.
These need soaking before use as they can be slightly bitter, but they're well worth it.
I haven't used these chips yet but intend to use them at the weekend to smoke a brisket in the bbq. I have a smoke box to use with them and they look just right for the purpose. There will be more than enough to smoke the brisket for at least 6 hours which is what I want. I have done this before so I know roughly how many chips I need. Looking forward to it !
They were shipped very quickly as well so I would use this company again.
Smokin! Came in a nice bucket with some instructions, be leave it or not. You can probably get them a bit cheaper if you buy them in bulk. However, had a busy smokin summer so far, still got a hand full left.
The receipient was very pleased with his gift and thought the flavour a good choice, I also bought a Smoke box
Give off a slightly sweet smell and flavour the meats very perfectly. Quite strong tasting, but well worth the money. Soaking the chips before use makes them last longer than the throw on the coals type of wood chips.
Smaller than expected but perfect for what we wanted it for
I used them in a Fladen smoker to smoke Mackerel, and they came out like ... real smoked Mackerel, only fresher, just the job.
And there's loads in the tub too, probably enough for 20-30 sessions.

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