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Fire Mountain Everest 4 Burner Gas Barbecue in Stainless Steel and Black with Free Gas Regulator and Hose details:

  • The incredible value and high spec Fire Mountain Everest 4 Burner Gas Barbecue
  • Standout features include: Premium long-life CAST IRON burners, enamelled CAST IRON griddle and grill and a STAINLESS STEEL hood and control panel
  • Also includes temperature gauge, warming rack, wheels, piezo electronic ignition. FREE 27mm clip-on propane gas regulator and hose included too.
  • Total cooking area is 42cm x 77cm (half grill and half griddle) Total maximum heat output is 48k BTU (4 burners are 12k BTU each)
  • Delivered flat packed for simple home assembly (1 person circa 1.5 to 2 hours)
The Fire Mountain Everest 4 Burner Gas Barbecue is incredibly high spec and truly remarkable value. This durable barbecue will last for many years and will prove very reliable when catering for your family or small to medium sized parties. Fire Mountain barbecues have sold in the UK for over a decade and their extensive barbecue range is renowned for being stunning quality and value. The Fire Mountain Everest 4 Burner Gas BBQ is delivered flat packed for simple home assembly. This can be done by one person and is likely to take 1.5 to 2 hours. The barbecue features • One gloss enamelled cast iron cooking griddle: 42cm x 38.5cm • One gloss enamelled cast iron cooking grill: 42cm x 38.5cm • 4 x 12,000 BTU (Max Heat Output) cast iron burners • Durable and long life stainless steel hood and control panel • Wheels so it can be moved easily • Wire warming rack • Built in temperature gauge • Electronic piezo ignition, so incredibly easy to light • A shelf at each side of the barbecue for convenience • Shelf at the bottom of the trolley where you can store additional items or the gas bottle when not in use. Never put the gas bottle here when using the BBQ • A neat trolley screen covers the front of the trolley • A FREE 27mm clip-on hose and propane gas regulator is included in the price (suitable for standard patio propane gas bottles only). Additional Info: • Assembled size: 144cm wide x 56cm deep x 106cm high • Weight: 44kg Internal height from Cooking Surface to Hood - 25cm. Care: • A regular wash with warm, soapy water will help to keep your BBQ in great condition • When cool and not in use we recommend covering your barbecue (a cover is not included but available separately) • We recommend that where possible you store your gas barbecue indoors during the winter months and at times of unfavourable weather.
Delivered a lot quicker than promised/expected.

The product - we bought this because we needed a gas BBQ, and the ones we'd seen in B&Q for same spec / features all seemed a bit flimsy in the example models they had built. This one is much better and well built.

Things to be aware of:
- This is one heavy box when it arrives! my wife couldn't lift it at all, and I struggled to carry to our garden and i'm a strong active early 30s person
- This takes quite a while to put together, I would say it took me over 1hr and I had electric screwdriver to speed things up. I do follow instructions carefully, and these were ok to follow, but there's a lot of steps and a lot of parts to assemble
- If you've not already got a gas bottle, expect to pay another £70 from Wickes/Homebase/B&Q (that's £35 for the gas, £35 hire charge of bottle)
- The two parts i couldn't figure out for the life of me were these 2 x identical flat aluminium panels (part number 13) as it wasn't clear where they go apart from "inside" the BBQ as the last step of building it. Turns out (it took me a while) that they sit on top of the 2 x gas burners to protect the burners from fat dropping on to the naked flame (you put them under the open grill, not the closed griddle plate)

But what's it like?

FANTASTIC. We're vegetarians so to 99% of you out there my opinion on BBQs is probably not worth much to you, but this cooked evenly and brilliantly, no burning, great taste - and frying up onions on the griddle plate was excellent.

The BBQ structure itself is strong and rigid, and no wobbling when cooking. Everything you could want from a BBQ design is in this.

Any gripes? urmmm, no, not really - other than it's ridiculously heavy (hence prob why it's sturdy).

Best BBQ we've ever owned or eaten from.
A high quality barbeque. Very easy to assemble, because all of the parts can only fit one way - so you can't go wrong. I used it for the first time last weekend and it's really easy to use and cooked everything perfectly. Highly recommended.
Waited a while to post review so I could use proper. This is an excellent BBQ, went togther well, a quality product and looks good. The temperture control on the burners are excellent (some seem to have just one temperture) and the tray to catch the grease is much better than the little cup some BBQ's have (we line the tray with tin foil so it doesnt need cleaning at all).

Have cooked everything from breakfast, fish, steaks and of course burgers and does a great job.
Excellent BBQ, takes a little bit of patience to assemble it but once it's going it's great. And great value for money as well!
I bought this barbecue for my husband's birthday. It took him quite a few hours to put it together but it was very well designed and built. He is absolutely delighted with it.
I was a bit dubious about buying a BBQ from the internet, especially when there are a lot of negative reviews about other makes on Amazon. The reviews on here settled my mind so I bought the 4 burner model.

Delivery was quicker than I expected arriving 2 days after the order placement. It came as one big box weighing 40kgs so make sure you ask the delivery men to put it somewhere out of the way.

Assembly is relatively simple, taking under an hour with clear instructions. You will need a 10mm spanner and a cross head screwdriver to assemble and a bit of floor space. The free gas regulator was a bonus, however attaching the gas pipe to the BBQ require a bit of strength and elbow grease. This will be the same for any BBQ you buy but keep in mind that it will take 15mins to get on.

Build Quality is pretty good. The lid is a little flimsy when opening but this is absolutely fine and I wouldn't expect anything different on a BBQ in this price range. The grills are enamel coated and can't comment about its durability yet but expect this to wear over time. These can easily and cheaply be replaced with cast iron when the time comes. The burners light first time with the ignition system so no need for matches and the knobs are nice and big.

Operating the BBQ is a dream and the heat can controlled easily creating hot ends on the grill. The warming tray is a nice bonus to store cooked burgers and sausages whilst others cook. I cooked for 12 adults with any problems on the BBQ.

Storage - the shelves don't fold down easily without taking bolts out so if you're short of space then take this into consideration.
Delivered very promptly. Well made for the price - good value for money. So far have only used it once but it has exceeded our already high expectations. Overall, we're very pleased and would recommend it along with the Bentley BBQ Large Universal Waterproof Gas BBQ Cover.
Took a couple of hours to build but really pleased with the result.
Very substantial and worth the money would certainly recommend and can't wait now to use it.
Excellent value for the cost. Easy to use and robust.
Had this bbq now since June and have been using it 3-4 times a week. It is easy to assemble, heats up quickly and cooks food evenly. It's great quality and sturdy.

The only slight issue was with not knowing what one part was for or where it was meant to go. Found the answer on the customer questions on amazon (it was the metal plates that protect the gas burners).

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