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Extech Instruments 445715 Hygro-Thermometer
  • Probe clips onto meter or extends on 18" (457mm) cable
  • Max/Min with reset function
  • Rear calibration adjustment pot
  • Humidity: 10 to 99% RH
  • Temperature: 14 to 140F (-10 to 60C)
Extech Instruments EC400 Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter
  • Autoranging offers 3 ranges of measurements
  • Salinity measurements
  • High accuracy
  • Digital display with analog bargraph to indicate sample trends
Extech Instruments AN200 Mini Thermo-Anemometer with Infrared Thermometer
  • Large display of airflow or air velocity with built-in infrared thermometer
  • CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer with built-in non-contact IR thermometer measures remote surface temperatures to 500-Degrees F (260-Degrees C)
  • Simultaneous display of air flow or air velocity plus ambient temperature
  • Easy to set area dimensions (cm2) are stored in the meter's internal memory for the next power on
  • Resolution of 0.01m/sec
Extech Instruments 445713 Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometer
  • Displays indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Outdoor sensor with 35 in. (89cm) cable
  • Max/Min stores and recalls high and low measurements for all 4 parameters
  • Built-in stand and wall mounting bracket included
Extech Instruments MO230 Moisture Meter
  • Displays moisture in wood and other building materials plus air temperature and relative humidity
  • Digital LCD readout with analogue barograph and numerical displays
  • Simultaneous digital readout of moisture content plus ambient temperature or humidity with analogue barograph
  • Use on wood, paper, wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete, and mortar
  • Memory contains 3 wood groups and 4 building material groups
Extech Instruments MO280 Pin Less Moisture Meter
  • Non-invasive moisture measurement with virtually no surface damage
  • Non-invasive measurement to monitor moisture in wood and other building materials
  • Select from 10 wood types and measurement ranges
  • Measurement depth to 0.75 in. (20mm) below the surface
  • LCD displays percent moisture of wood or material being tested
Extech Instruments MO220 Wood Moisture Meter
  • Integral pins and remote hand-press probe
  • Monitor moisture in wood and other building materials
  • Measure directly with the built-in moisture pins or use remote hand-press probe on hard surfaces
  • Memory contains 8 wood groups with calibrations for approximately 170 species of wood
  • Designed in a rugged double molded housing construction and is pocket sized for one-handed operation
Extech Instruments 445702 Hygro-Thermometer Clock
  • Combines 3 displays for Time, Temperature, and Humidity
  • Clock displays 12/24 hour time
  • Max/Min with "reset" function
  • Humidity: 10 to 85%
  • Temp: 14 to 140F or -10 to 60C
Extech Instruments TB400 Portable Turbidity Meter
  • Large big-digit LCD and splash-proof front panel
  • Portable design allows you to take measurement on-site instead of bringing solution back to the lab
  • Measures up to 1000 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit) with 0 01 NTU resolution
  • Microprocessor-based circuitry assures high accuracy and repeatable readings
  • Requires only a 10mL sample size
Extech Instruments 45118 Datalogging/Printing Anemometer Plus Psychrometer
  • Simultaneously measures and displays Air Velocity, Temperature,Humidity, Wet Bulb, plus CFM/CMM
  • Manually log measurements (99 points) or setup time interval for automatic logging (2400 points)
  • Datalogger date/time stamps and stores data for later recall, printing or downloading to a PC
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