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EcoWoodBBQ Apple Apricot Alder Smoking Wood Chunks BBQ - BOX Pack (15 litres/4-5 kg) (Apple) details:

  • Large Apple Wood chunks, widely recommended for prolonged smoking and BBQ
  • pple and Alder wood chunks add a slightly sweet flavor to you beef, game, pork, or poultry
  • Compatible with Outback, Dancook, Cobb, Patton, Beefeater, Napoleon grills and BBQ Accessories.
  • Clean, bug-free, fungi-free, and alder wood chunks for tasty and healthy grilling/smoking
  • Boxed-product Weight: 10Kg
Our Large Apple chunks are specifically made for pit-masters and food smokers who value long lasting wood fuels for BBQ, Grilling and Smoking activities. These wood chunks serve as a source of intense heat and a thick smoke, which in turn allows the deep penetration of both heat and Apple wood flavor into your Beef, Pork Fish, Game or whatever it is you're smoking. These large Apple chunks were hand-picked from a sustainable juice factory plantation, measured and manually cut to produce the required amount of heat and smoke needed for a prolonged or brief smoking result. For more about our range of Apple Wood products, please visit our official website. EcoWoodBBQ The main Mission of our project is to make BBQ more popular, more healthy and the most reasonable at price for each of our customers within the United Kingdom. That is why, every time when you make an order at EcowoodBBQ, you make it possible for us as a producer to realize our Goals. Achieving the Goals is possible because: - We use the best modern technologies in wood processing industry, which allow us to ensure an optimal moisture content of timber and to prevent wood from mould formation. - We use exclusively high quality ecological and natural raw materials not only for production of our main goods, but also for their packing. - We are taking care of environmental safety. We ourselves plant the trees in order to preserve natural resources. - We have made major progress in developing ceramic BBQ and we hope that you would have the possibility to test them already this season. To support us in our Mission, we kindly ask you to give us your feedback about our products! Your opinion is very important and valuable for us!

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