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Drumbecue Big K 15Kg Restaurant Grade Lumbwood Charcoal
  • Big K restaurant quality-graded lumpwood charcoal are high-quality yet lightweight and made from residual hardwood.
  • These hardwood charcoal pieces have a long burn time as compared to other charcoal at the same temperature.
  • The Big K barbeque charcoal lumpwood rarely sparks or spits - also generates a lot less smoke than traditional charcoal.
  • Big K lumpwood charcoals are great for all BBQs and most popular with restaurants.
  • The fine restaurant-grade lumpwood charcoal comes in durable 'extra-strength' bag to avoid damage.
Big K Chilla-Grilla Restaurant Grade Charcoal, 12kg Bag Lumpwood Charcoal
  • 100% natural restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal
  • Easy to light, ready to cook within 30 minutes with up to 2 hours cooking time
  • Ideal for home bbqers looking for superior grilling
  • High heat output
  • Source sustainabily from an invasive bush in Namibia
6 Packs of 96 Big-K Eco-Friendly Firelighters FSC Approved, 100% Recycled Perfect For Stoves, Barbecues, Campfires and Open Fires & Tigerbox Safety Matches
  • Big-K Eco-Friendly Firelighters - FSC Recycled 100%
  • Made using renewable resources
  • Ideal for barbecues, open fires, stoves and campfires
  • Contains vegetable wax for fast and reliable lighting.
  • Tigerbox safety matches are made according to ISO 2858-3 standards. Composed of natural wood.
Big K Flama Restaurant Grade Stick Charcoal, 15kg Box 100% Natural Kachi Stick Charcoal
  • 100% natural kachi Stick restaurant grade charcoal
  • Quick and easy to light, ready to cook within 25 minutes and with a 2 hour cooking time
  • Consistently sized sticks give dependable performance
  • High heat output with no spitting
  • Ideal for robata grilling
Big-K Instant Lighting Charcoal BBQ Barbecues 10kg (10 x 1kg bags)
  • Ready to cook in 15 minutes, so easy to use take out of sack put on bbq and light.
  • You don't get your hands dirty and you don't need lighting fluid!
  • Instant Lighting Charcoal - FSC 'Pure'
  • Eliminates the need for starting fuels 10kg (10 x 1kg bags)
  • Clean and convenient to use, Comprehensive safety and usage instructions.
20kg Real Charcoal Briquettes Charcoal For BBQ Barbecues Restaurant Charcoal
  • Briquettes are compressed charcoal which have been mixed with sawdust and wood and burn more efficiently than lumpwood.
  • Burn for longer and produce more heat compared to lumpwood.
  • Do not produce flames or solid residues whilst burning.
  • Ideal for use on the barbecue, comprehensive safety and usage instructions outlined on the packaging.
  • You get 4 x 5kg sacks a total of 20kg.
Instant Light Charcoal 12kg (12 x 1kg bags) Instant Lighting Charcoal Char coal BBQ Barbecues
  • You get 6 x 2kg sacks. Each sack has 2 x 1kg bags of instant light coal, So you get a total of 12kg (12 bags of 1 kg coal)
  • Ready to cook in 15 minutes. So easy to use
  • Take out of sack put on bbq and light you dont get your hands dirty you dont need lighting fluid
  • FSC Approved
Big K Kiln Dry Hardwood Logs FSC Grown in UK, Bag Of Hardwood Stove And Chiminea Fuel
  • Fsc and wood sure registered kiln dried hardwood logs, grown in the UK
  • Kiln Dried for maximum performance, with a consistent moisture level of under 20%
  • Easy to light and long lasting
  • High heat output with less smoke and a better flame
  • Ideal for stoves, chimineas, fire pits, pizza ovens, cookers and open fires
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